Sunday, March 20, 2016

1 yr later

Wow, a whole year has gone by. I should probably start posting again. Our days are filled with a lot of learning and play. We have a new math and chemistry curriculum that I am extremely happy with. The kids are still ahead of their public school peers, so I am not stressed at all. We cover everything in 2-3 hours and are able to add in art, home-ec, extra science, and a lot of play. They read for hours every night- by choice! Makes me super happy. Here are some recent activities.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Nice Day

If it's nice out, we either do school outside or head out to learn outdoors. Last week we were able to visit a giant park on the James River, have lunch at Sonic, then explore the walking trails at the Virginia Living Museum, where we have a membership. There are animals along the trail and we got see vultures being fed and learn what they eat. Then we got to see the traveling frog exhibit. The kids loved it and we even got to virtually disect a frog.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

School and beyond

What happens when you don't have to wait in lines, wait for other kids to settle down, do busy work, or commute to school? There is time for additional subjects and plenty of field trips and hands-on learning. Evan actually asked to learn computer coding and Amelia joined him in taking some online courses. They have started building some little robots this week and will also be starting monthly art classes for homeschoolers at the library. We are having so much fun learning!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Field Trips

We love field trips. It gets very warm here every couple of weeks, so we go when the other kids are in school. We were some of the only people in the zoo this past Tuesday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chrysler Museum of Art

Last week, we went to the art museum in downtown Norfolk. It is free and has a little bit of everything, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern art. We did the entire museum. I was surprised that they didn't get tired. I was wearing Ingrid AND my wooden clogs, so this was also my workout for the week. I had them find the one piece of artwork that spoke to them so that we could take a picture with it and re-create it at home. Evan chose a European painting that showed arches and columns, which he is totally into in his Building History class at our co-op. Amelia chose a glass cat from the Victorian parlor exhibit. We had to tour the entire museum several more times to find it again, lol. Below is their artwork and their (blurry) inspirations.

Discussing Picasso